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The most unique feature of the Spark glove is the way it is activated; by smashing them together! Each glove has a piece of flintstone located in the palm, which will cause a spark that will be captured by the glove… Be honest with us; did we get you there?

We don't blame you. The Hi-Vis yellow variant almost looks as if it has caught some sparks. The combination of spandex and softshell fabrics gives the Spark glove a slick look and feel with guaranteed comfort.  

Like most of our electrically heated products, the Spark gloves contain the Dual Power technology. This enables you to choose between a 7,4 or 12 Volt power supply, which can be a separate battery or a direct connection to your motorcycle. We offer different batteries and numerous cable options to provide endless warmth with only one power source for your entire set-up; jacket, pants and socks included. Depending on your choice, the 7,4 or 12 Volt battery wil last up to a maximum of 5:20 or 4:50 hours. (See Power Schedule for full information)

The Spark glove has a handy button that indicates the battery status and current power level. There are four different levels of intensity which can be adjusted by 20% with a single push on the button. Each level is indicated in its own colour for you to easily spot if the heat is on.

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    Spark Giallo

    Spark Giallo

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